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  • Mission Statement

    The mission and vision I foreseen for my company is on the verge of coming true. With the continued support of customers like you, and high customer satisfaction, I will achieve my goals. However, with this satisfaction, a sense of responsibility has motivated me more to improve in many ways.
    This company believes in the production and delivery of the best products made of genuine leather at the best price to my customers. With this motto, my company is on the path to provide more innovative ways to provide premium quality leather products within your budget. The mission of my company is to provide the best online platform for the best Leather Products, offered at the best price.
    My vision of my Company is to be the best among the entire online sellers of genuine handmade leather Products. Neverland Leathers offers the best quality Leather Products at the best price with huge offers and discounts. Providing a safe and secure platform for easy payments.

  • Who We Are

    My name is Sophie. I have been a scaffolder, carpenter, and heavy equipment operator. Most of these jobs did not allow me to explore my creative side, and as I age, my dislike for the cold grows. I began working with Leather when my husband began building knives. I found I have a talent for working with hide. We began as hobbyists, and it quickly grew into a quite successful little business. In 2019 it became a full time job. While my husband is quite busy, knife sheaths alone do not pay the bills, so i started doing custom leather items and offering them for sale. I have had great response from this and i continue to explore new products, and ways of doing things. My husband calls me an exceptional leather artist. I do all my own hand tooling, and to this day I still do all my sewing by hand. He attributes much of his success as a knifemaker to my leather working abilities. The ability to customize each sheath with wildlife scenes, names, animals etc, has propelled him in a niche market. I am a Wife, Mother, and an outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys quiet living on a Farm.